The Construction Company Vitali Group: the strength of values

Vitali Spa is a Group diversified and innovative that distinguished itself on the market of reference for its capability to control all the supply chain and for its high technical profile. For the Vitali Construction Company, real estate is a lifestyle and a tradition: we have been involved in the world of construction for three generations, in Italy and abroad. Our main areas of action are Real Estate and Major Infrastructures, in addition to a number of specialised sectors: engineering, special demolitions-decommissioning, quarries, inert processing, production of concrete and asphalt.
We make skilled professional and avant-garde machines available to our customers in order to achieve highly efficient projects with a low impact on the environment.







News Vitali in Olbia

The maintenance was completed in only 6 days. In order to lay more than 2.500 cubic meters of bitument and install 7 kilometers of cables were involved one hundred machineries of last generation.


Vitali S.p.A is a diversified and innovative Company, that thanks to its capacity to control the entire supply chain and thanks to its high technological profile (testifies to a fleet of last generation) is able to distinguish itself on the reference market.
The Vitali Group is an international partner of Public Administrations and Multinational Companies for the construction of major infrastructures (motorways, railway stations, airports –headquarters, logistic hub); real estate development (headquarter, logistic hub, industrial buildings and retail); decommissioning (special demolitions and environmental redevelopment) and premium events (fairs and temporary or permanent exhibitions).
Thanks to our experience Vitali is able to design, build and operate facilities combining high capacity with the flexibility and the know-how of a dynamic and advanced approach.
In every day work, we realise our reference values: technology, punctuality and reliability.
We are our clients’ partners.