SGS ISO 9001

SGS: advanced certification, analysis, check and inspection services of every sector – in whole world.


SITEB In Italy is the only one that represents the needs of the sector. The SITEB gathers up about 300 Partners (Companies, P.A. and freelance professionals), they handle design, building, control and maintenance.


ASSO DI MI. Association of Distributors, Charterers, Assistance Centers and Training of machinery and industrial equipments.


ATECAP - Technical Economic Association of Prepackaged Concrete
Atecap, for twenty years, is the home of the Italian producers of correct and qualified prepackaged concrete.


L’ANCE BERGAMO The ANCE of Bergamo to building Companies supplies a complete range of consulting services in order to ensure the maximum efficiency and safety in all work’s areas, in the relationship with employees and institutions.


NAD. National Association of Italian Demolishers


Confindustria, in Italy, is the most important association of manufacturing and service Companies. This association counts over 150 thousand Companies of all sizes, for a total of 5.445.111 employees.


EDA – European Association of Demolitions. It was founded in the 1978 and brings together national associations related to the demolition sector.


QLP-SOA. was autorised activity of issuing of attestations by Supervisory Authority on public works number 30 of 2000/12/21.

The Vitali Group identifies and makes the necessary resources available to meet the needs of the customer : the required degree of competence of the personnel is defined and the appropriate training courses are then organised. The Quality Department has the responsibility of verifying the effectiveness of the training.
All our production processes, plants and sites are provided with specific quality control plans. These allow the quality of product to be assessed during each working phase, thus allowing any necessary corrective actions to be implemented within a very short time.
The production plants also follow detailed maintenance programs to ensure that the efficiency of the machines is always one hundred percent. All our Company’s suppliers are assessed and selection on the basis of their capacity to satisfy our requirements. All measuring instruments are calibrated interval specified by the manufacturer. Furthermore, special precautions are adopted during handling, maintenance and storage.

Vitali S.p.A programmes and implements monitoring, measuring, analysis and improvement plans in order to demonstrate the conformity of the products, ensure the compliance of the quality management system and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality system management.

We always pay attention to the needs of all concerned parties: the costumers, the Company personnel, the owners, the suppliers, the partners, the community and the public. In that we are aware that our success depends on understanding and satisfying their expectations.