Data Protection legislation

As of 1 January 2004, Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30 June, 2003, introduced the new Personal Data Protection (Privacy) Code (hereinafter the "Code"). The Code provides that the interested party (hereinafter the “data subject”) must be informed in advance about the use of data relating to him/her and that the processing of personal data is allowed only with the express consent of that person.

To this end the company VITALI S.p.A.(hereinafter the “Company"), with headquarters in Milan, 20129 Via Plinio, 39, issues the aforementioned privacy notice:


1. Data-processing purposes and methods
1.1. Personal data are processed as part of the Company's normal activities for the following purposes:
a) fulfilment of obligations envisaged by applicable legislative and regulatory provisions;
b) management of relations with Customers/Users;
c) facilitating the proper conduct of its business activities;
d) other purposes associated with the Company's activities;
The company considers that the processing and disclosure of personal data enable the products and services on offer to be provided in an optimal manner, even if said processing and disclosure is not strictly necessary for the services requested by the data subject, and consequently the following activities qualify under this definition:
- finding out the extent to which Customers/Users are satisfied with the quality of products/services provided and with the Company’s activities in general, and also conducting market research directly or through specialised companies by means of personal or telephone interviews, questionnaires etc.;
1.2. Personal data are processed using electronic or automated IT means, or using manual processing means, by applying logics strictly related to those purposes and, in any case, with a view to ensuring that such data are kept secure and confidential.
1.3. the data transmitted will not be disclosed or disseminated to third parties without the data subject’s express consent. The data may be disclosed to third parties (e.g. banks, insurance companies, organisations associated with ourselves) exclusively for the purposes of our business dealings and of responsibilities or assignments that have been conferred on us;

2. Source of personal data
Personal data processed by the Company are gathered from Customers/Users directly and, in any case, all of this data is processed in accordance with law and with applicable confidentiality obligations.

3. Status of the data provision
The provision of data is required in order to ensure compliance with law, including tax law, if purchases are to be made online, and also to properly provide the service requested by the data subject;

4. Rights of the data subject (Article 7)
The Code grants specific rights to data subjects (Article 7). In particular:
4.1. The data subject is entitled to obtain from the Data Controller confirmation of the existence or otherwise of personal data relating to him/her, and to have said data communicated in intelligible form.
4.2. The data subject is also entitled to be told the origin of the data, the purposes and methods of the data processing, the logics applied if the processing occurs using electronic means, the identity of the Data Controller, of the Data Supervisors appointed and of the subjects or categories of subjects to whom/which the data may be disclosed or who/which may obtain knowledge of such data.
4.3. The data subject is entitled to have any data processed in violation of law updated, rectified, supplemented, annulled, anonymised or blocked.
4.4. The data subject is entitled for legitimate reasons to object, in whole or in part, to the processing of personal data related to him/her, even if such data is relevant to the purposes of the data gathering, and also to object to data processing related to said data subject for purposes of transmitting advertising or direct sales material or conducting market research or sales communications. The rights in question may be exercised by sending the manager in charge - Mr. Massimo Vitali - a request by registered letter to VITALI S.p.A., Via Plinio, 39, 20129 Milan.

5. Data Controller and Data Supervisor
The Data Controller is Vitali S.p.A., Via Plinio 39, 20100 Milano, represented by its legal representative. The Data Supervisor, pursuant to Article 7, is Mr. Massimo Vitali.