Social responsibility

Social responsibility is an essential part of a company and the business that performs. In this respect, Vitali has always aimed at combining competitiveness with sustainability. Social responsibility, in fact, represents a challenge that sees the Company pursuing growth, innovation and results. At the same time, the Company pays maximum attention to promoting quality of life, working standards, human rights and eco-compatible development. Thus demonstrating its capacity to interact with the previously mentioned social and environmental issues.

This commitment can also be found in the managerial principles, policies and behaviors adopted by Vitali and which are aimed at enhancing creativity and innovation in order to favor a “cultural sustainability”, thus strengthening the shareholders’ trust in the Company.

The reasoning behind this approach, also referred to in the Company policy, point to continuosly strengthen company assets and develop human resources, relationships and social benefits. In this way, the Company is investing in the competitiveness and longevity principles provided by the Code of Conduct, in full compliance with national legislation, conventions and guidelines category.

In 2005, Vitali published “Responsabilità d’impresa e valori - comportamenti” (“Company responsibilities and values – conducts”) in order to communicate Company sustainability and responsibility objectives.