The Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics was created for the purpose of sanctioning and divulging behavioral principles and standards that Vitali S.p.A considers essential for its activities.
Vitali S.p.A has formulated a company organisational model suitable for managing Company risk and the Company has sent a document containing the main points of the Company’s code of ethics on which its activities are based to all those concerned.
The Code of Ethics is Vitali’s “Company Statute”, i.e., a document of rights and moral duties that defines the ethical-social responsibilities of all those involved in the Company organisation. The Code of Ethics is an effective means of preventing irresponsible or illegal behavior by those act in the name of and behalf of the Company. It contains a clear and explicit definition of ethical and social responsibilities towards all those are directly or indirectly involved in the Company’s activities (clients, suppliers, shareholders, the public, employees, collaborators, public institutions, environmental associations and any others affected by the activities of the Company ).

Those to whom the Code of Ethics is addressed are consequently called-upon to comply with the values and principles contained in it, and they have to behave in a manner that safeguards the respectability and image of Vitali S.p.A as well as the integrity of its economic and human assets.