The Vitali Group was founded towards the end of the nineteen eighties and it is the result of a project by The Vitali family to create an organisation specialising in the building sector. The passion for construction is a tradition that has lasted for three generations. Of course, in the past, the use of technology was very limited and the market was only local. Today, instead, The Vitali Group is in a position to manage construction sites in Italy and in Europe.

Thanks to the determined efforts made by the entire Group, today Vitali S.p.A occupies a leading position in Italy in the infrastructure and building sectors.

The success of the entrepreneurial activities stems from a deeply rooted company structure that has grown from strength to strength over the years. Products quality, organisational punctuality, working capacity and clarity of intent are the strong points of this company that has earned itself a leading position in the newly created sector of special demolitions. Thanks to its experience and acquired professionalism, The Vitali Group be successful in win important public and private tenders.

The success of the entrepreneurial activities undertaken by Vitali is based on a stable company structure capable of mobilising 350 men and 400 machines anywhere in the Country, guaranteeing a presence within 24 hours. The wide range of plant and machinery is made up of the most innovative equipments obtainable on the market. The best possible service, in terms of time and quality of execution, is guaranteed by the highest possible avant-garde technologies at the service of maximum safety.